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Monday, September 26
10:30 - 12:30
MA.L1: Depth-Aware Visual Processing I Room 101 A
MA.L2: Feature Extraction I Room 106 C
MA.L3: SS: Image Compression Grand Challenge Room 101 B
MA.L4: Image Quality Assessment I Room 106 B
MA.L5: Medical Image Analysis Room 101 C
MA.L6: Visual Forensics Room 106 A
MA.L7: Video Analysis and Understanding I Room 102 A
MA.L8: Indexing & Retrieval Room 105 C
MA.L9: Classification I Room 102 B
10:30 - 11:50
MA.P1: Tracking I Room 301 CD: Poster Area 1
MA.P2: Computational Imaging I Room 301 CD: Poster Area 2
MA.P3: Fast Algorithms and Implementations Room 301 CD: Poster Area 3
MA.P4: Sparsity Based Processing I Room 301 CD: Poster Area 4
MA.P5: Statistical Models and Learning I Room 301 CD: Poster Area 5
MA.P6: Deep learning Based Visual Processing I Room 301 CD: Poster Area 6
MA.P7: Restoration Room 301 CD: Poster Area 7
MA.P8: Motion for Coding Room 301 CD: Poster Area 8
14:00 - 16:00
MP.L1: Depth-Aware Visual Processing II Room 101 A
MP.L2: Feature Extraction II Room 106 C
MP.L3: SS: Mobile Ocular Biometric Recognition Challenge Room 101 B
MP.L4: SS: Personalized and Immersive Media Room 106 B
MP.L5: Blood Vessel Analysis Room 101 C
MP.L6: Face Hallucination and Spoofing Room 106 A
MP.L7: Tracking II Room 102 A
MP.L8: Integrative Applications: Social, Agriculture Room 105 C
MP.L9: Classification II Room 102 B
14:00 - 15:20
MPA.P1: Image Quality Assessment II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 1
MPA.P2: Video Streaming Room 301 CD: Poster Area 2
MPA.P3: Image and Video Coding Room 301 CD: Poster Area 3
MPA.P4: Hyperspectral Imaging Room 301 CD: Poster Area 4
MPA.P5: Dehazing Room 301 CD: Poster Area 5
MPA.P6: Deep Learning Based Visual Processing II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 6
MPA.P7: Medical Imaging Room 301 CD: Poster Area 7
MPA.P8: Transform Coding Room 301 CD: Poster Area 8
Tuesday, September 27
10:30 - 12:30
TA.L1: HEVC Intra Coding Room 101 A
TA.L2: Interpolation and Super-resolution I Room 106 C
TA.L3: Human Detection and Processing I Room 101 B
TA.L4: Emotion and Expression Recognition Room 106 B
TA.L5: Object Recognition Room 101 C
TA.L6: Visual Saliency I Room 106 A
TA.L7: Dictionary Learning Room 102 A
TA.L8: Integrative Applications: Industrial Room 105 C
TA.L9: Re-identification I Room 102 B
10:30 - 11:50
TA.P1: Video Quality Assessment Room 301 CD: Poster Area 1
TA.P2: Image Retrieval Room 301 CD: Poster Area 2
TA.P3: Compressive Sensing Room 301 CD: Poster Area 3
TA.P4: Segmentation I Room 301 CD: Poster Area 4
TA.P5: 3D Scene Analysis and Reconstruction Room 301 CD: Poster Area 5
TA.P6: Image Processing for Oncology Room 301 CD: Poster Area 6
TA.P7: Deblurring Room 301 CD: Poster Area 7
TA.P8: Watermarking, Data Hiding and Steganography Room 301 CD: Poster Area 8
14:00 - 17:10
TP.L1: HEVC Optimization Room 101 A
TP.L2: Segmentation II Room 106 C
TP.L3: SS: High Dynamic Range Room 101 B
TP.L4: SS: Video Processing in the Wild: Understanding Real CCTV Street-Scene Room 106 B
TP.L5: SS: Integration of Imaging Systems and Computational Algorithms Room 101 C
TP.L6: 3D Quality Assessment Room 106 A
TP.L7: Deep Learning for Detection and Classification I Room 102 A
TP.L8: 3D Processing I Room 105 C
14:00 - 15:20
TPA.P1: Visual Saliency II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 1
TPA.P2: Interpolation and Super-Resolution II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 2
TPA.P3: Symbol and Sign Recognition Room 301 CD: Poster Area 3
TPA.P4: Human Detection and Processing II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 4
TPA.P5: Camera and Display Parameter Estimation Room 301 CD: Poster Area 5
TPA.P6: Face Recognition Room 301 CD: Poster Area 6
TPA.P7: Action Recognition I Room 301 CD: Poster Area 7
TPA.P8: Denoising Room 301 CD: Poster Area 8
15:50 - 17:10
TPB.P1: Biometrics Processing Room 301 CD: Poster Area 1
TPB.P2: Computational Microscopy Room 301 CD: Poster Area 2
TPB.P3: Face Processing I Room 301 CD: Poster Area 3
TPB.P4: Scanned-Document Analysis Room 301 CD: Poster Area 4
TPB.P5: Image Filtering Room 301 CD: Poster Area 5
TPB.P6: Video Analysis and Understanding II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 6
TPB.P7: Medical Image Processing Room 301 CD: Poster Area 7
TPB.P8: Stereo Matching Room 301 CD: Poster Area 8
Wednesday, September 28
10:30 - 12:30
WA.L1: Depth Coding Room 101 A
WA.L2: Video Super-Resolution Room 106 C
WA.L3: Camera Calibration Room 101 B
WA.L4: Crowd Processing Room 106 B
WA.L5: Biomedical Image and Video Processing Room 101 C
WA.L6: Graph-based Methods for Image Segmentation Room 106 A
WA.L7: Pose Estimation Room 102 A
WA.L8: Integrative Applications: Health, Wildlife Room 105 C
WA.L9: Classification III Room 102 B
10:30 - 11:50
WA.P1: Tracking III Room 301 CD: Poster Area 1
WA.P2: Reconstruction Room 301 CD: Poster Area 2
WA.P3: Texture Representation and Analysis Room 301 CD: Poster Area 3
WA.P4: Analysis and Representation I Room 301 CD: Poster Area 4
WA.P5: Object Detection Room 301 CD: Poster Area 5
WA.P6: Deep Learning for Detection and Classification II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 6
WA.P7: Statistical Models and Learning II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 7
WA.P8: Visual Quality Assessment Room 301 CD: Poster Area 8
14:00 - 17:10
WP.L1: New Modalities Coding Room 101 A
WP.L2: Single-Image Super-Resolution Room 106 C
WP.L3: SS: Light Field Image Processing Room 101 B
WP.L4: SS: Cloud-based Processing for High Quality Media Streaming Room 106 B
WP.L5: SS: Graph-based Multidimensional Signal Processing Room 101 C
WP.L6: Computational Imaging II Room 106 A
WP.L7: Deep Learning For Video Room 102 A
WP.L8: Face Processing II Room 105 C
14:00 - 15:20
WPA.P1: Computer Vision for Vehicular Technology Room 301 CD: Poster Area 1
WPA.P2: Sparsity Based Processing II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 2
WPA.P3: Content Identification and Forensics Room 301 CD: Poster Area 3
WPA.P4: Segmentation III Room 301 CD: Poster Area 4
WPA.P5: Color and Multispectral Processing Room 301 CD: Poster Area 5
WPA.P6: 3D Processing II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 6
WPA.P7: Enhancement Room 301 CD: Poster Area 7
WPA.P8: Biomedical image Segmentation Room 301 CD: Poster Area 8
15:50 - 17:10
WPB.P1: Action Recognition II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 1
WPB.P2: HEVC Processing & Coding Room 301 CD: Poster Area 2
WPB.P3: Re-Identification II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 3
WPB.P4: Total Variation and Level Sets Room 301 CD: Poster Area 4
WPB.P5: Remote Sensing and Monitoring Room 301 CD: Poster Area 5
WPB.P6: Analysis and Representation II Room 301 CD: Poster Area 6
WPB.P7: Statistical Models and Learning III Room 301 CD: Poster Area 7
WPB.P8: Optical Flow and Registration Room 301 CD: Poster Area 8