Special Session Proposal Submission

Prospective Organizers are invited to submit proposals for Special Sessions at ICIP 2016. Proposals are due through this site by November 16, 2015.

For a Special Session proposal to be considered for acceptance at ICIP 2016, the proposed topic needs to be an emerging area in signal processing which is not yet covered in the regular sessions. The topic should be timely and significantly important to the technical audience, and the speakers need to convey compelling information about the topic. The proposals will be judged by the ability to bring together the key researchers in the state-of-the-art area, introduce the area to the larger image processing community, further develop the area, and help establishing a larger research community beyond the area.

Special session proposals covering multi-disciplinary areas are particularly encouraged, as well as those proposals regarding common challenges based on a core signal-processing data set, which allows all session participants to exploit it for algorithm evaluations and comparisons in order to emphasize the strength and weakness of different approaches on the same data.

For the submission of special session proposals related to a challenge, please submit the proposals under the Challenge Session Proposals link.

Each Special Session will be three hours long and will usually consist of 8 oral presentations. Other formats may be possible, including discussion panels.

Special Sessions will be intermixed with regular sessions during the conference. The number of accepted special sessions will range between 4 and 8.

The Organizer's role is to invite (and ensure to have) the speakers, process the reviews (with the same deadline and review system as the regular papers), and chair the session itself. The Organizers will share with the program committee the reviewer selection responsibilities, and the review process. Final accept/reject will be made by the program committee, in consultation with the Organizers.

Each speaker invited to a Special Session will be required to submit a paper, under the regular submission requirements, by the regular submission deadline: January 25, 2016. These papers will enter the same system as regular papers, and be subject to reviews. The Organizer will select the reviewers and manage the review process, and in consultation with the program committee, will make accept/reject decisions. It is possible that some invited papers may be rejected. Therefore, the Organizer(s) should recruit only high-quality papers to the Special Session to minimize the possibility of rejection.

The invited speakers as well as the Organizer will be required to register for the conference. Registration fees will not be waived and there will be no honoraria available through ICIP.

A maximum of 3 Organizers per Special Session is allowed.

Questions regarding Special Sessions may be directed to Dinei Florencio, Chaker Larabi and Zhou Wang at specialsessions@icip2016.com.

Submission of Proposals

The deadline for submitting special session proposals has passed.

Questions regarding Special Sessions may be directed to Dinei Florencio, Chaker Larabi and Zhou Wang at specialsessions@icip2016.com.